What is Islam?

What do muslims believe?

We, the Muslims believe in the Oneness of Allah (God) in all aspects.

What is meant is that there is a clear difference between the Creator and the creation, and that there is nothing whatsoever that can be compared to the Creator.

We believe that Allah (God) is the Lord of everything, and there is no lord besides Him. We believe that He (alone) created the Heavens and the Earth and everything that is found in them (whether seen or unseen), without the help of anyone or anything.

We believe that He is the Sole Possessor, Creator, Provider, Sustainer, and Maintainer of everything. He is the One who brings life into existence and the One who causes death. He is not in need of, nor does He depend upon anything, but everyone and everything depends upon Him.

We believe that He created humanity for one purpose; to worship Him alone, and that He has placed everything in the Earth as an aid for mankind to achieve this goal. Worship to Allah should be the number one focus in everyone’s life and everything else besides that is secondary.

We believe that all acts of worship are due to Allah alone; from supplication, fear, hope, dependency, prayer, fasting, obedience, submission, seeking help, repentance, vowing, sacrificing, and other than that from the various acts of worship.

We believe that if anyone does any act of worship for other than Allah (God) then they have committed the worse sin in creation.

We believe in accountability, which means that every single human being will be judged for their actions. Thus everyone who obeys Allah and worships Him alone will receive His Mercy and Forgiveness. Likewise everyone who disobeys Him and worships other than Him will receive His Wrath and Punishment. No man will be responsible for the deeds of another. The father will not be judged for the sins of the son, nor vice versa. No man can die for another man’s sins, on the contrary every individual will be held accountable for what his own hands put forth.

We believe that all the Prophets and Messengers from Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael, Jacob, Joseph, Job, Jonah, Lot, Moses, Aaron, David, Solomon, John, Jesus the son of Mary, and Muhammad (the last Prophet and Messenger) came with this invitation. The Prophets called the people to submission and willful compliance to Allah, and this is the religion of Islam in which we the Muslims invite humanity


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